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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  October 20, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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good evening and thank you for being with us tonight.nk cold and rainy weather making it feel like fall but how much cooler will we get this week? melissa myers joins us with a first look at the forecast. >> it will begin more tomorrow. most significantly on saturday and then we will start to notice uphill climb from there. we have flash flood watches until noon small tomorrow for southeastern counties. those areas have received two or 3 degreese plus of rainfall and you cana see one or 2 inches moe beforen it tapers off around the noon hour tomorrow. scattered rain mostly not happy right now butst there could be heavy downpours tomorrow morning before it starts to edge very
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close to 4 inches in youngstown close closer dreams close infringementnc half portions of mass mansfield worcester canton a tad above that and other counties between happen in happenings and an inch and and of course were stopped counting atin this point. low fifties in toledo. most of us had been in the low to upper fifties low to mid fifties for majority of the daym 61 right now is the warmest spot a n process northeast ohio righh now. twenty power deficit in terms of 10 degrees cooler than this time yesterday.s around of rain is coming through tomorrow and will finally begin toth depart as you go to about four or five and 6:00 o'clock to the east.t. to the east raindrops should stop falling mountable time. upper forties tonight intermittent rain that will slowly taper tomorrow dry during the evening t t hours high temperaturesu in the mid- fiftis with gusty winds running about wind running about 10 degrees
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it is coldest on saturday and we will start to see things improve as we head intoro sunday and thereafter. in the air foul territory, cleveland indians are going to the world series.nd >> for the first time since 1997, indians are back in the fall classic.1 heading to the world series game at progressive field may be easier said an tickets have sold out if there are any remaining, they could come, quite a cost.y laurie taylor has more from progressive field. >> if you don't have crazy money chances are very good that you will not be watching the world series from inside progressive field. regularly priced tickets have already sold out and the rest are priced out of sight. s >> good morning how can i help you? >> amazing tickets says demand for world series tickets
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is like nothing he has ever tickets on the secondary market are draw dropping because they are currently priced as if the tribe will be playing the chicago cubs. he says standing room only tickets with an original sales tax of 100 bucks are now $900. lower-level seats looking down the baseline originally priced at $375 are now going for 1900. and the good seats that were inii $400 are nowor listed on line between 2500 and $4,000, depending on the row and how close to home plate youn are. >> they are very passionate and they a are hungry. >> what is it about the chicago fans that drives up the price?s >> if the cubs are here on a tuesday wednesday or thursday in rainy april, that would bring a few thousand fans to progressive field.ew they travel.
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they love their team. >>e he says there's still plenty of tickets. you can goy to indians tickets .com to look for those. whatever you do with you deal with a brokeryo you don't know f he sure to check them out for us at the better business bureau's website. this is no time to be gambling on the price of world series tickets.s. >> the world series game is not the only thing> happening cleveland is forg some big games in cleveland sports and max max wright has all of the details. >> tried the fever hits downtown cleveland. fans pumped up for world series party tuesday night. >> besides like the parade in the night theyes want and expect this to be one of the craziest nights in cleveland. >> it brings cleveland together and it's a lot of fun. a >> and they get down here for breakfast and stay the whole day. >> cleveland indians hosting
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chanting cavs kick off their season next door, hosting the knicks at the next at the q. remember that massive concert before the cavs home opener two years ago?haha this year tnt is hosting a free pregame party in the same parkingti lot starting at 3:00 p.m. tuesday. rapper wiz colophon is have >> doors to the q open at six, two hours before tipoff. ceremony and banner raising set for 7:30 p.m. >> have we had this big of a night in cleveland sports? >> may be not. >> the party continues even when the tribein is's away. indians host hosting watch host and watch parties at progressivn field with the game on the scoreboard. a small ticket will get benefit charity. hold onto on to europe all caps cleveland. we are in for another wild rid. >> 2016 is just the year of
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>> with cleveland firmly solidifying our place is as a championship city, sports fans here one nothing more than to share their pride.g since the final out in toronto last night, indians american leagues and world series merchandise has been flying off the shelvesgu and dave nether's without among the tribes faithful as they updated their wardrobe. >> biz is very familiar to me after the cavaliers championship in crocker park. the gear like this or hear it and at the official team shop has just been going out the doors today about as fast as it has been coming in this is just the beginning. >> santana fakes the catch. >> the game on our tvs last night and up until the last out everyone was glued to the tv. >> this line you're in the hat
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giving american league champion and world series gear at dick's boarding good started well before daybreak. >> i woke up atak 430 a.m. and d to wake her up. >> indians fans anxious to show their pride. >> has been downtown already, got world series tickets and came out here to buy t-shirts w fors the family. it's a busy day. >> i was in myrtle beach. i was in myrtle beach over the summer when the cavs came through so ien mean i wasn't gog to miss out on it. w i need my gear. i'm all excited and revved up. >> indians merchandise disappearing as fast as it comes in. >> at think all of our stores were prepared for this after te huge championshipth run from the cavs. >> the first chance sinceth 1997 for fans to wear something new that says indians and worldth series, and in this championship town. >> >> have got my cap gear on and i'm going to be wearing my gear.s >> if you would like a locker
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>> something that may never get old. >> it is just amazing that we can show the world how cool cleveland is again and again anr again. >> isis a beautiful thing. the city of cleveland is no longer the mistake by theel lak. >> folks at the store say they have learned a lot from the ravenous fans after the cavaliersh victory >> can't get enough of that year. a reminder the only place you canpl watch the indians and word series is right here on fox eight. game one is tuesday night and we will bring you extensivee coverage of the indians looked worked to bring not yet another clevelandg championship in 2016
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into the incident that led to a fatal shooting of a suspect by an officer.okt >> oh my god. oh god. oh my god. >> are you okay? >> fox eight view a beginning according up and he witnessed a confrontation between willoughby police officers and a suspect in the parking lot of the lowe's store new and euclid avenue.e. investigators say one of the officers fired his weapon after the man tried to getfi away, striking the motorcycla patrolman but the suspect's 38 -year-old frank sander of cleveland, was hit by the gunfire and his car careened across euclid avenue before crashing.. he was later pronounced dead. police say they were called to the parking lot by someone who knew that he was wanted on outstanding arrestwa warrants. the man who shot the video is convinced frank sander was using his vehicle as a weapon. he guessing the cops trying to pull a guy out of the car in
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the car going backwards. >> oh my god. oh my god. o >> i mean it happened also fast and it was all just my adrenaline was going and it was crazy. >> police say sander was aa wanted man in lake county and in rocky river on charges including possession of dangerous drugs and the car he was driving had been stolen from a parking lot in brunswick in august.t. the officer who was hit by the car was treated for his injuries and released and you. the crowd that trend in because it turned in for lasthh night's presidential debate was a big one. waiting for the 11 channel channels that carried the debate should nearly 70 million people teamed that is the huge spike from a huge spike in the secondt debate which drew far fewer viewers than the first. one of the biggest talking
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trump's answer to a question on whether he would accept the results of thehe election. today he clarified last night's remark that he would wait and c see. >> i woulde like to promised and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the united states that i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential if i win. [cheering] >> trump added he would accept a clear election result but reserves the right contest or file a legal challenge. in the president was on the campaign trail today for hillary clinton but he took time to talk about one ofe his signature pieces of legislation, the affordable care act. >> presidentle obama: instead f
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next president and the next congress should take what we have learned over the past six years and any serious way in a serious way analyze it, figure out what it is that needs to get done, and make the affordable caref act better and cover even more people. >> the president talked aboutnt the law known as obama care. the student to student at miami dade college in miami in the hope that his successor would carry on his legacy and make it better.hi the presiden congressional republicans who want to repeal the want to repeal the law before republicans who claim to care about your health insurance choices and your premiums but offeru nothing and block commonsense solutions like the ones that i propose to improveo them, that's not right. >> the president also spoke at a meeting of democratic governors in florida early this morning earlier this morning.g.t iraqi forces are making good progress in the efforts effort to liberate the ice isis
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the anti- isis coalition is showing some cracks. why one government is upset that were not told about the strikesi disrupting mail is a federal offense. that is why residents in one development werey shocked when they found their letters in a
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will come back with them my flip from our roof cam. so t strange to see the lights those see the whites on so eary in the rain was rain was really coming down today. r will be taking a trip to one of cleveland suburbs for the next foxy will school school. trinity will be featured on fox eight years in the morning.
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says they should have issued an alert about the water in flint michigan seven months earlier than they did. inspector general says the epa had enough information to issue anan alert months before declard an emergency over lead in flint's water.em regulators failed to properly test the water when the city changed itsry source from detrot city water to the flint river in an effort to save money. so far the agency has not commented on these new findingsh > are making rapidir progress in e fight to rid the city of mozilla vices come back since. the forces have liberated all of the. suburbs and then now just 6 miles from the center of this city. m officials say the allied forces are inflicting heavy loss on the isis isis fighters as they continue the assault on the city.a however, the pentagon says the fragile anti- isis coalition is showing cracks.
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government us secretary of defense ash carter says the issues are being addressed. >> our partnership is very strong inne the counter isis campaign. we are working with the turks now very successfully to help them secure their border area. >> allied forces say the time for the turkish military to join the fight is running out because the offensive is moving faster than expected.e a mail carrier dumps a pile all caught on camera. u.s. postal service is investigating after they found a video of the male being dumped in the worldmp that a housing a development word that a housing development in georgia. it took five postal inspectors more than two hours to collect and p sort all of the male as ty continue to investigate. one witness said she could not believe what she was saying he. >> at one point he actually stopped and took a break like he tired and continued to talk
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like it was normal to get government workers to a government workers during this kind of stuff doing this kind of and think of the time to haven't even received my mail and this is what was happening?d >> the postal service says they are investigating and reminding people it is a federal offense to mess with another person's mail. will we see anymore warm days or have we used up all of our bonus days? let's check back in with melissa for another look at the forecast. forecasts. a very rainy day today. >> it isai rainy and damp one of those days you can't stop yawning. it depends on how you want to define warmth. thatll have temperatures are more seasonable but ift you're talking about 80's from earlier this week i thinkut thoe are said and done for the season. sorry to say but that's what we're looking at anyway. cloudy, dreary, raindrop raindrops at times and even thoughd it has been dry at times it is still cloudy and it's hard to wake yourself up on a day
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rainfall deficit about a half an inch below normal out ofi hopkis and many areas are above it now because the south south andy's received a whole lot of rainfall.t sunset what would've been at 638. a it really was you just weren't able to see it because of the ' place.n we have scattered rain showers nothing really that heavy to mention right now but we can't rule out a few heavy downpoursgh occurring through the overnight again and through tomorrow morning which means every cityy party dealt with so much rainfall south and east south and east have a concern ofof through midday tomorrow hence the flash flood watch until noon for our south and east counties in that same air masses headed our direction tomorrow but especially saturday we will feel quite a chill. ci 1500 lakefront 50 59 the lakefront 57 cuyahoga airport went around 15 to 25 racing and to try to drag this cooler air. area of low pressure you see the
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posted rain from the front and were going to hold onto that slowly moving out of our direction through the day tomorrow.t tonight we will have light to moderate rain and at times a downpour or to even through tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning is still wet and how slow the blanket of rain moves out i stilllo think by abt 7:00 o'clock tomorrow evening most of the rain should be driver pickup in the football field will be really whacked out early sunday morning especia potentialh for some raindrops even some wet snowflakes in and higher w elevations and departig during the pm hours of saturday. intermittent rain coolly and damp with the rain departing slowly during the afternoon hours. even with the drying out process highs only make it top the low fifties ande then highs only mae it toh the upper forties by saturday and that is when we ae talking about potential for some
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sunday monday tuesday wednesday 55 - 60. great news for the world game get rolling world series game rolling on tuesday and i think by the time to get to gae gametime temperatures will be back intu the upper forties. >> lets get the rain and cold out of the way in time for the big game. is fighting the fight of his young life but a boy in jersey only once to go to school so his friends and family decided to team up to give him a ride to school he will never
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congratulations to the nearest foxy school tools newest foxy school tools coolol schooln trinityin heights. we will feature the students and staff next week on fox in normal trip to school is anything but ordinary for a young boy battling cancer.
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wish is to be in school and yesterday the nine -year-old was surprised at home with his own parade to his favorite place. dressed in a costume, a police uniform, he wroteic to school wh his favorite superhero, batman of course, in the batmobile. when he got to his school, he was greeted as you can see by all of his friends and teachers with the hero themed party. that does it is at 7:00 p.m. join us again tonight at 10:00 p.m. and until p then, eny
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i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action
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